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Russia says it shot down three drones in the Moscow region

The mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, has denounced this morning that the Russian capital has been the target of a drone attack, of which he has accused Ukraine. The attack, which has not caused casualties or material damage, has forced the restriction of flights at the Vkunovo airport for a few hours. The spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, has cried out against the "new terrorist action" by Ukraine, which she has accused of targeting civilian infrastructure, something that Russia has been doing in Ukraine almost since the start of the offensive in February 2022 and especially from October 2022, when it launched a bombing campaign against electrical, running water and heating installations in Ukrainian cities.

"The attacks have been repelled by our air defenses, all the drones have been eliminated," Sobianin reported on his Telegram channel, adding that no material or personal damage has been caused. According to other authorities and emergency services cited by the EFE news agency, there have been two downed aircraft in New Moscow, an administrative district of the Russian capital, as well as a third in the province of Kaluga, southwest of the capital.

The Russian emergency services, which are working in the area where the remains of the drones have fallen, have reported that the air vehicles have been detected and intercepted "by means of electronic warfare", according to the TASS news agency. Apparently there is a fourth unmanned vehicle that has fallen near Moscow, although it is being verified.

Vkunovo airport has had to suspend operations for a few hours, according to Rosaviatsiya, the civil aviation authority, which reported "technical reasons beyond the airport's control." Around eight in the morning (one hour less in mainland Spain), the flights have resumed. (Agencies)

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