Ukraine puts the balance of civilian victims in Bucha at 400 dead after finding another mass grave with corpses

At least 186 children have died across the country as a result of the war.

Photo: GENYA SAVILOV/AFP/Getty Images

The authorities of the kyiv region already put the number of fatalities among the citizens of Bucha at 400, according to the assessments of the massacres revealed after the withdrawal of Russian troops from that town.close to the capital of Ukraine.

The balance is still provisional, these sources indicated, according to the Ukrinform portal, which also recalls the complaint by the Ombudsman, Ludmilla Denosova, according to which the Russian soldiers shot at will and tortured to death both adults and children.

It is estimated that at least ten minors are among the victims of the Bucha massacres. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, on February 24, at least 186 children have died across the country as a result of the waraccording to data from the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office.

Ukrainian investigators exhume bodies from a mass grave on the grounds of St. Andrew’s Church in the city of Bucha.

The General Staff of the Ukrainian army calculates, for its part, that the Russian armed forces have already suffered some 19,600 casualties between soldiers killed, wounded or taken prisoner.

That same source reported on Tuesday that a total of 732 Russian tanks and up to 1,946 armored vehicles have been destroyed, as well as 157 planes and 140 helicopters of the Russian armed forces.

10 more bodies found in mass grave

The Ukrainian authorities found this Tuesday ten lifeless bodies in a mass grave in Bucha, west of kyiv, where Russian troops committed a massacre during their occupation.

The discovery of these graves in Bucha, from which the Russians withdrew last week, has been described by Ukraine’s Prosecutor General, Iryna Venediktova, as “crimes against humanity”.

The exhumation of these bodies took place the same day that twenty members of the French gendarmerie went to Bucha to carry out investigations, which will last for 15 days, into the crimes committed by Russia.

In addition, They were analyzing the ten new corpses exhumed today, some of which were completely burned, according to Efe, and transferred them to a vehicle to submit them to more tests.

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