Ukraine announces a three-year plan to strengthen the army | News

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Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky issued a decree on Tuesday to increase Ukraine's armed forces by 100,000 soldiers over the next three years (40 percent of the current one), amid growing tension between Russia and the United States. on the issue of security in the region.


Russia accuses the United States of lying about the situation in Ukraine

The president has summarized the decree as "the transition of Ukraine towards the base of a professional Army", which also has protection for both its members and their families, and clarified that this should not be interpreted as a sign that a war with Russia is imminent.

Before the Ukrainian Parliament, Zelensky he urged lawmakers to remain calm and avoid panic, saying he ordered the increase "not because we will soon have a war ... but so that soon and in the future there will be peace in Ukraine."

"We must remain united internally. You may be opposition to the government, but not opposition to Ukraine, and you may despise the government, and the president, but not your own people, sowing panic for political gain," he added. Verkhovna Rada, unicameral parliament.

The increase in troops in the ranks of the Ukrainian army represents an increase of 40 percent, if one takes into account that the Ukrainian forces comprise around 250,000 soldiers.

Russia has rejected the expansion of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) troops into Eastern Europe, particularly Ukraine, while the military alliance has said it will continue with plans to expand its presence in the region.

The United States, which insists on the version that Russia will invade Ukraine, maintains contacts with high-level authorities in the Kremlin, at a time when Moscow asks for security guarantees and respect for the agreements that exist to avoid militarization in Europe.

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