UEFA opens disciplinary proceedings against Romania for xenophobic shouts | Video

UEFA opens disciplinary proceedings against Romania for xenophobic shouts |
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UEFA announced this Thursday the opening of a disciplinary procedure due to incidents in recent qualifying matches for theto Euro 2024 in Germany to the federations of Romaniaafter the interruption of their meeting against Kosovo, for the cries against their independence, and also to those of Croatia and Armenia.

In the case of Romania the file is due to the incidents in their home match against Kosovo (2-0)according to UEFA for blocking access, lighting flares, throwing objects, provocative messages of an offensive nature and racist behavior.

The match, played in Bucharest National Arena, was interrupted for almost an hour after the decision of the Kosovar players to leave the field of play for the shouts and banners displayed in the stands against the independence of the Balkan country.

Just after 19 minutes of play heKosovo's members left the grass after seeing how a banner was displayed in one of the stadium's backs that read “Kosovo is Serbia” and listen to the shouts of “Serbia, Serbia” from the stands.

UEFA indicated that it has opened two other files to Croatiaone of them for racist behavior of his followers in the match against Latvia (5-0) last day the 8th, in which some fans displayed a fascist flag used during the Second World War.

The other responds to public incidents in the clash played at the team's field. Armenia (0-1), on the 11th, for which UEFA has also started a procedure to the Armenian federation due to blocking public accessprovocative messages of a political nature, lighting of flares and delay in the start.

(With information from EFE)

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