Uber drivers love Tesla: more than 15,000 drivers rented one from its partnership with Hertz


They get an electric vehicle, generate income, save costs and contribute to environmental protection. An all-in-one offers Uber after its association with Hertz that allows drivers of the transport application to acquire an electric vehicle from the company directed by Elon Musk.

The project began at the end of 2021 and has been a success, so much so that the mobility company catalogs the agreement as its “greatest expansion”, given that there have been reports more than 15,000 registered Uber drivers with the intention of acquiring an electric car from the North American manufacturer.

At a time when electric vehicles are causing a trend in the market, Uber took advantage of this moment, which has been at the forefront of customer options for a few years, generating income and promoting the entry of electrified models more frequently after offering a series of advantages that range from beyond driving.

First of all, it should be noted that Drivers on the app are responsible for paying gas costs, therefore, by having a Tesla for their daily activities they save a good amount of dollars, at the same time that they contribute to not generating carbon emissions that harm the Earth’s atmosphere and promote global warming.

The Hertz deal included the acquisition of 100,000 Tesla vehicles, which began in October 2021. Credit: Shutterstock

“The program is a win for drivers, who express their pride in being part of the climate solution and welcome increased earnings through gas savings, electric vehicle incentives and tips,” said Andrew Macdonald, senior vice president of commercial and mobility operations of Uber, through an official statement.

According to Uber reports, 95% of people who rent a Tesla through Hertz have not previously driven an electric car, and now, 92% of that population is seriously considering an electrified model as their next vehicle purchase.

Between the Requirements that Uber drivers must meet to acquire a Tesla include having a minimum rating of 4.85 stars and having completed at least 150 trips, to then proceed to rent the electric car for $300 a week, with the incentive of receiving an additional dollar for each trip completed.

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