Two women fall for carrying cocaine hidden in hair extensions | Video

The Colombian Antinarcotics Police arrested two women who they hid cocaine tubes in their hair extensions and planned to traffic it to Madrid, Spain.

The events occurred after the X-ray scanners will detect irregular images in the hair of the detainees and proceed to inspect them.

in hair extensions 900 grams of cocaine were found in one of the women and he was carrying at least another 200 grams in his private parts, which resulted in a thousand 100 grams.

On the other hand, in the second case 650 grams of cocaine were seized and also another 200 grams that the woman was carrying in “her private parts at the time of being detained.”

The arrests occurred at two different Colombian airports.: at the Alfonso Bonilla Aragón International Airport and at the José María Córdova International Airport.

The authorities will investigate the relationship between the cases of the detained women who were heading to the same point: Madrid.

According to the Colombian Police, the women were placed at the disposal of the Attorney General’s Office who will charge them with the crime of drug trafficking and 1,950 grams were the total amount of cocaine seized by the authorities.

(With information from Christian Granados)