Two Italian soccer players arrested for sexual assault

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The football players Mattia Lucarelli Y Federico ApolloniLivorno players, from Serie D, the fourth category of Italian soccer, were arrested this Friday and are accused of sexually assaulting a young American student during a night out last March in Milan.

Left Federico Apolloni; right Mattia Lucarelli.

The detainees, who were in a group with three other friends, offered to take the young woman to her home after leaving a nightclub, but they did not do so and took her to a house where, in turns,they violently searched for her while recording the scene with a phoneaccording to the researchers.

The attitude of the two soccer players, both 23 years old, denotes a "marked social dangerousness and makes it very likely the repetition of similar criminal behaviors," considered the judge in the case, Sara Cipollain the preventive detention order issued against the defendants, published by local media.

The only ones arrested so far are Apollini and Lucarelli, son of the former Valencia striker. Christian Lucarelli, who have been pointed out as the main instigators of group aggression.

The judge pointed out that the 'violence recorded in the videos and the behavior in the subsequent investigation, shows the inability of the suspects to fully understand the seriousness of their conduct, convinced of their innocence'.

On her side, the Livorno Sports Association 1915the footballers' club, issued a statement in which it assures "to take note of the precautionary measures adopted" while waiting "for the episode to be clarified and hoping that the players have nothing to do with the accusations."

(With information from EFE)

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