Two climate activists attack Velázquez's 'Venus in the Mirror' with hammers at the National Gallery in London [node:title]

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The worlds of art and activism came to a worrying collision point at London's National Gallery, when Just Stop Oil activists staged a dramatic protest against the British government's energy policy.

Activists from the Just Stop Oil organization attacked this Monday the painting 'Venus in the Mirror' (1647) by Diego Velázquez in the National Gallery in London and managed to break the work's protective glass, according to the British media 'The Telegraph'. '.

The museum itself on social networks points out that around 11:00 this Monday two people, who have already been arrested, entered Room 30 of the museum with some emergency rescue hammers.

Subsequently, the room was cleared and the police were called. The painting has been removed for conservators to examine for possible damage. Room 30 reopened shortly after 12.30pm with 'A Dead Soldier' ​​replacing 'Venus in the Looking Glass', according to 'The Independent'.

In an act that has resonated with similar incidents throughout history, militants of the environmental movement broke the protective display case of Velázquez's iconic 'Venus in the Looking Glass', highlighting their message of climate emergency through an attack aimed at masterpieces of art.

This incident is not isolated. In the past, various works of art have been attacked for different reasons, from political protests to psychological disorders of the attackers. One of the most famous was the damage inflicted on the "Mona Lisa" at the Louvre, when a stone was thrown at the work, damaging the protective glass. Another masterpiece, Edvard Munch's "The Scream," has been the subject of theft and vandalism on several occasions, leading to debates over security and the display of valuable art.

These attacks are a reminder of the ongoing debate over how to balance the accessibility of public art with the protection of irreplaceable cultural treasures. Just Stop Oil's action raises important questions about the effectiveness and consequences of such protest methods. Although Velázquez's painting has been removed for evaluation and room 30 has already resumed its exhibition with 'A Dead Soldier' ​​in place of the 'Venus in the Mirror', the discussion about climate and art conservation is far from over. .

With information from Europa Press and AFP.

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