Two brothers win half a million dollars with a scratch-off and decide to help their dad


Luck smiled on a Kentucky family and now is half a million dollars richerafter he won the jackpot in a lottery scratch-off last week.

Brothers William Hicks Jr. and Stephen Hicks they used to buy scratch-off tickets every friday at a Speedway gas station, located on Alexandria Pike.

Last week they stopped like every Friday at the gas station to buy a scratch-off ticket and try their luck.

As they say, his custom was that each of the brothers scratched one of the options to spread the luck.

Stephen tells me out of the blue that we had won $500,000, but I guess I was seeing it wrong. We must have looked at it 40 times and I asked to be pinched a couple of times,” William recounted the moment they knew they had won.

In addition to William and Stephen, the Hick family is made up of their father, William Hicks, who has a garage door repair business where his children also work, and the mother of the youngsters.

The three became involved in what they called a “family affair” when they realized they were $500,000 richer than a week before, thanks to the Scratch-Off they had bought.

“Dad, you are not going to believe this. We just won half a million dollars”, William told his father in a phone call after realizing they had hit the jackpot.

But according to the young man, his father did not believe him, so had to spend several minutes trying to convince him that they were now half a million dollars richer.

To Mr. Hicks’s surprise, his sons decided to share the prize with him, thus each received a check for $118,333 thousand dollarsafter taxes.

What did they decide to do with their money?

After making sure that the scratch-off was a winner, the three members of the Hicks family immediately they began to think what they would do with their new fortune.

According to the father of the family, his son William immediately thought of use your share of the money to help other people.

While Stephen assured that he would buy a vanafter a few days before they won the lottery he was only able to buy a new tire for his old truck.

William decided help his mom pay her mortgage and earmarking another portion of the money to help his grandmother, unnamed Kentucky Lottery officials said.

Finally, the father of the family said that I would look to buy a property he had been renting in a country house.

But they were not the only ones who benefited, because the Speedway gas station that sold the winning ticket received a bonus of $5,000 dollars.

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