Two Americans with large-caliber weapons arrested in Tulum

A man and a woman of American origin, Devan N. and Natali N., They were arrested for carrying large-caliber weapons and cartridges, reported the General Directorate of Public Security and Municipal Transit of Tulum.

They were assured a weapon Glock brand 9 millimeter caliber Model 17, a Glock brand 9 millimeter caliber Model 4 weapon, a 22 caliber rifle. In addition to chargers for 9 millimeters; chargers for 380 millimeters; 42 useful cartridges 9 millimeters called expansive; useful cartridges for 9 millimeters; 16 useful cartridges caliber 380.

as well as a dagger about 15 centimeters; a Jeep brand vehicle, sub-brand compass color black, from the state of Guerrero with no report of theft in the system.

Likewise, various articles among which a camera sensor stands out that is used to verify if the video recording cameras work at the time of committing their criminal activities.

Devan “N” and Natali “N”, were made available to the Agent of the Federal Public Ministry of the Attorney General of the Republic in the municipality of Benito Juárez for its corresponding legal situation.

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