Turks and Caicos fall short after losing to Dominica

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By date 6 of group C of the CONCACAF - Nations League 2023-24 tournament, Dominica was superior and took the three points against a lackluster rival. The goals for the local team were scored by Audel Laville (14' 1T) and Javid George (15' 2T).

The best player of the match was Audel Laville. The Dominica midfielder scored 1 goal, made 30 key passes, stole 3 balls and looked for the opponent's goal 6 times.

Javid George also stood out at the AO Shirley Recreation Ground. The Dominica attacker scored 1 goal, shot at the opponent's goal 3 times and made 9 correct passes.

The match was highlighted by a lot of friction and constant fouls that interrupted the game. There were several reprimands: Jarvis Humphreys, Emmanuel Martin, Kristen Howell and Erskin Williams.

Dominica coach Ellington Sabin proposed a 4-5-1 formation with Jerome Burkard in goal; Travist Joseph, Eustace Marshall, Erskin Williams and Jarvis Humphreys on the defensive line; Keeyan Thomas, Fitz Jolly, Savio Anselm, Audel Laville and Donte Warrington in the middle; and Marcelus Bonney in attack.

For its part, Ricky Hill's team took the field with a 4-4-2 formation with Peterson Saint Fleurant between the three sticks; Wildens Delva, Makenson Cadet, Kristen Howell and Rosmith Messieur on defense; Cory Williams, Raymond Burey, Christopher Louisy and Emmanuel Martin at midfield; and Billy Forbes and Karl Shand Jr up front.

Timothy Derry was the referee who officiated the match at the AO Shirley Recreation Ground.

With this victory, Dominica moved to CONCACAF - Nations League 2023-24.

Note and image source: DataFactory

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