TSE of Brazil resumes trial against Bolsonaro for abuse of power | News

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The Superior Electoral Court (TSE) of Brazil resumed this Thursday the trial that could politically disqualify former far-right president Jair Bolsonaro (2019-2023) for eight years.


Brazilian judge votes to disqualify former president Bolsonaro

The Brazilian politician is accused of abuse of political power and misuse of public media during the electoral campaign prior to the 2022 elections, when he confronted the leader of the Workers' Party, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (Lula), with the dessert elect president by majority of votes.

Along with Bolsonaro, his running mate, General Walter Braga Netto, is also on trial.

Last week the arguments of the defense and the Prosecutor's Office were presented. On Tuesday, June 27, the investigating magistrate of this trial, Benedito Gonçalves, assured that Bolsonaro is guilty and voted to disqualify him for eight years.

Judges Raúl Araújo, Floriano de Azevedo Marques, André Ramos Tavares, Cármen Lúcia (vice president of the TSE), Nunes Marques and the president of the Court, Alexandre de Moraes, are expected to issue their points of view during this day. .

Araújo voted in favor of Bolsonaro, but De Azevedo Marques found the former president guilty. "Propagate with the authority of the Head of State an already known falsehood is a deviation of competence," he asserted when casting his vote.

The TSE magistrates took as their starting point a meeting held in mid-July 2022, to which Bolsonaro summoned dozens of foreign ambassadors to the Alvorada Palace (official residence of the Presidency) to generate mistrust regarding the electoral system and the Power of attorney.

During that meeting and without having any foundation, he tried to sow suspicion about electronic ballot boxes -Brazil has used them since 1996 and there have been no complaints of fraud- and to sell the thesis that the Justice was maneuvering to benefit Lula. The meeting was broadcast on public television.

If the TSE votes in favor of politically disqualifying Bolsonaro for eight years, he will not be able to stand in the presidential elections scheduled for 2026.

The media reported this Thursday that Bolsonaro's political formation, the Liberal Party, is preparing a bill to amnesty all politicians who committed electoral crimes in 2022, in a clear attempt to save him.

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