Trump's words test the courts; and more | World front pages 07/17/2023

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This is what stands out on the front pages of the international media, this Monday, July 17, 2023:


The New York Times

Trump and his allies seek a vast increase in their power

The goal is to put the agencies under the president's control by 2025 if he wins the election.

The Washington Post

Trump's words test the courts

Neither the judge nor the special counsel take action. The former president's diatribes continue to go unnoticed.


The Country / Spain

PP and Vox, close to an absolute majority with a PSOE that is rebounding

Sumar and the extreme right, in a technical tie for third place.

The Guardian / UK

Alarm at the threat of a new "heat wave" in Europe

Southern countries are facing the second extreme weather event in a week and the risk of record temperatures.

Latin America

Clarin / Argentina

Historical beating of Cambiemos al Peronismo in Santa Fe

Topic of the day: They were imposed by about 40 points in the PASO for governor.

The Mercury / Chile

Mayors of communes with more homicides urge for greater attributions in security and recovery of public spaces.

Santiago, Puente Alto, Colina, San Bernardo and Central Station. They also consider a “greater equity” key in the distribution of the Carabineros endowments. Their requirements range from surveillance cameras and lighting to sports and cultural workshops.

The Peru Commerce

“For our sector; This march has a political motivation”

He hopes that work activity will not stop this Wednesday the 19th. A representative of the micro-entrepreneurs said that they do not fully understand the call for the so-called takeover of Lima. The social upheaval at the beginning of the year caused 690,000 microenterprises and small companies to have losses of 169 million soles per day.

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