Trump returns to election fraud and criticizes Biden at his first rally of the year

Former US President Donald Trump.


The ex-president donald trump landed on Arizona on Saturday for his first rally of the midterm election year, highlighting a state that will have hotly contested races for governor and US Senate in November.

In the race for governor of Arizona, Trump endorsed Kari Lake, a former news anchor who says she would not have certified the outcome of the 2020 election. She has yet to pick a Senate candidate to take on the incumbent Democrat Mark Kelly.

Republicans vying to challenge Kelly include Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, solar energy executive Jim Lamon, venture capitalist Blake Masters and retired Air Force Major General Michael "Mick" McGuire.

Democrats have won the last two Senate races in Arizona, including the 2020 special election when Kelly defeated former Sen. Martha McSally by 2.4 points. Kelly, a retired astronaut, is serving the remainder of the term of the late Arizona Sen. John McCain and is due to run again this year for a full six-year term.

In his first political act of the year, Trump promised his supporters that the Republican Party will win the midterm elections in November. and "he will recover the White House" in 2024, but he did not specify whether he himself will appear at that last appointment with the polls.

The former president was referring to the November 2022 legislative elections, in which the Republicans intend to retake control of the Lower House and possibly the Senate, in addition to controlling many other state offices.

Arizona is one of the key states that Trump lost by a margin of just a few thousand votes in 2020, and he did not hesitate to lie about it as soon as the rally began, assuring that he had "a tremendous victory" that was "snatched" from him in that territory.

On the assault on the Capitol

Trump had promised to present his ideas on the assault on the Capitol on January 6, 2021 at this rally, but he focused on criticizing the committee investigating these events, which he called "Stalinist", and on alleging that among the crowd that broke into Congress had "FBI informants," a theory advocated by his supporters and for which there is no evidence.

Too described as "political prisoners" the more than 700 accused of crimes related to the assault on the Capitol, which resulted in five deaths and 140 wounded officers.

And with renewed attacks on President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party, he also resumed his claims without evidence that there was fraud in the 2020 election, which he lost.

"The real insurrection took place on Election Day, November 3," Trump stressed.

Criticism of Biden

Trump lambasted President Biden due to problems in the supply chain and inflation, the volume of infections caused by the omicron variant and its attempt to force the majority of workers in private companies in the country to be vaccinated, stopped by the Supreme Court this week.

"Radical Democrats, leave our children alone with their powerful immune systems," Trump cried.

Too stirred up fear regarding immigration, by hyperbolically assuring that the border with Mexico "has been abolished" and "millions and millions and millions" of undocumented immigrants are entering the country, something false, since most of those who arrive are deported.

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