Trump Reacts To The Indictment In The Classified Documents Case: "I Am An Innocent Man!"

Donald Trump faces several scandals.

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After what Donald Trump was indicted in federal court in connection with the classified documents found in his mansion sea-a-lake, The former president said he was incredulous at the new accusation that falls on his shoulders.

It was through Truth Social that Trump not only it was said "an innocent man"but he hinted that this accusation comes when he is at the forefront of the polls to lead the country again in 2024.

I never thought it was possible that something like this could happen to a former president of the United States.who received far more votes than any sitting president in our country's history and currently leads by far all candidates, both Democrats and Republicans, in polls for the 2024 presidential election. I am an innocent man!", wrote.

In an interview with CNN, Trump's legal representative, James Trusty, said that his client faces charges that include false statements, conspiracy to obstruct and willfully withhold documents in violation of the Espionage Law.

While in an appearance on NBC he said that Trump is ready for a legal battle "he is a fighter and he's going to come out thrashing and he'll be fine. He's not afraid of this thing."

From a few months ago, special counsel Jack Smith is leading the investigation of classified documents found in Trump's mansion that the FBI recovered after the former president refused to return the files as required by law.

Trump has repeatedly argued that he had the right to take any files he wanted from the White House under the Presidential Records ActIn addition, he pointed out that he had a standing order to declassify everything he took out of the Oval Office.

However, a couple of days ago CNN reported that the investigators leading the case had in their possession a tape where the former president could be heard say that he had in his possession documents that were not declassified about Iran.

This indictment of Trump comes weeks after a New York jury indicted him on 34 criminal counts for alleged falsification of business records related to secret money payments to the porn model Stormy Daniels to silence her about her affair.

It also comes days after a New York jury handed him fined $5 million for abusing writer E. Jean Carroll in the 90's in a department store.

The White House hopeful still faces two criminal investigationsan investigation of Jack Smith into the pro-Trump riot over the Capitol assault in 2021, as well as an investigation in Georgia to determine if he tried to interfere with the 2020 presidential election in that state.

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