Trump raises 7.1 million dollars with the exploitation of the mugshot of his arrest

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Donald Trump, always eager to get a financial cut even from embarrassing things, also benefits from the accusation of being part of a criminal organization to steal the 2020 elections.

His police photo booth, which would sink the most painted, posed that until today was seen as something terrible, has become, in his case, a great claim for income for his campaign. Since Thursday that he appeared in the Fulton County prison, the former president has used that photograph to boost donations, which have reached $7.1 million in just three days. The commercial promotion goes from caps to t-shirts, to mugs or flags.

Trump became the first president or former president to pose for a mugshot in US history. In the other three legal cases, in New York, Miami and Washington, they prevented him from going through that drink.

But as soon as he had the opportunity, he didn't waste a second to present himself as a martyr for his big lie and assume the role of a victim of the state's sewers. He immediately posted the photo on his X account, formerly Twitter, the first time he returned to this network after being expelled for the incidents of January 6, 2021, when he promoted the coup attempt, and being exonerated last autumn by Elon Musk after taking ownership of this platform for 44,000 million dollars.

Even if it was to compete with his own network, Trump pulled X to achieve the impact that he does not enjoy in his company. Musk did not take a second to support his message and welcome it.

In this way, he activated his collection machine, together with the messages of his campaign and in his own network, always with the same caption at the end of the text: “provide a donation”.

Today he is the top leader in the Republican race for the White House in 2024. His pursuers are at a distance of more than 30 points, an almost impossible margin to save, according to analysts, except for unexpected incidents.

Only last Friday managed to raise 4.8 million dollars. He adds more than 20 million in the last three weeks, which have coincided with the indictment in Washington for his conspiracy to annul the electoral result and that of Atlanta, for trying to reverse the result in the state of Georgia. In total, 91 charges weigh on him, which he has turned into King Solomon's mine.

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