Trump knew his plan to justify the coup attempt was illegal


Donald Trump tried to legally arm his attempt to annul the presidential elections with a plan whose author, the jurist John Eastman, recognized before the president, in the Oval Office, that it violated the law. This was stated yesterday, before the investigative committee of the assault on the Capitol, the lawyer Greg Jacob, adviser to former Vice President Mike Pence and one of those who reaffirmed his refusal to give in to pressure from Trump so that on January 6, 2021 , day of the attempted coup in Congress, refused to proclaim the victory of Joe Biden.

Eastman’s plan was based on the thesis that Pence had the power to annul the votes – allegedly suspicious – of certain key states in the outcome of the presidential elections. The jurist presented Pence with two options: that he order the results to be returned to those states for review, or that he simply reject the votes and declare the elections null and void.

When the ‘mastermind’ of the operation suggested a “minor” violation of the law, Pence said the proposal seemed to come from a padded room

After the Capitol riot and before the election results ratification process resumed, Eastman emailed Jacob with a startling proposal: “I implore you to consider a relatively minor violation and adjourn for ten days to allow the state chambers to finish their investigations.”

Jacob, he explained to the committee, relayed Eastman’s message to Pence, who responded that the message was like “padded room.” Committee member and Democratic Rep. Pete Aguilar asked Jacob what he interpreted the vice president’s expression to mean. “I was considering it typical of certified madness.” He replied.

In the end, Eastman sought a presidential pardon in light of the 6-E riots and when another of Trump’s White House lawyers told him that he was exposed to indictment for his plan to subvert the opinion of the polls.

Other Trump lawyers told Eastman his plan was “insane,” and he ultimately sought a presidential pardon.

Pence’s refusal to give in to pressure and veiled threats from Trump resulted in supporters of the defeated president shouting “Hang Pence” on 6-E as they stormed the Capitol and searched for him. Not in vain did the police have to evacuate Pence and his family from the room they occupied. “Maybe he deserves it,” Trump commented upon learning of the rallying cry against his number two, according to the committee’s vice chair, Republican Liz Cheney.

In yesterday’s session, Justice Michael Luttig, a conservative legal guru and informal adviser to the former vice president, declared that had Pence followed Eastman’s plan, it would have triggered “an unprecedented revolution and constitutional crisis in the United States.” USA since the founding of the republic”.

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Eric Herschmann, another Trump attorney, told Eastman in recorded testimony released by the committee that his idea to reverse the election was “completely crazy” and would spark riots in the streets.

“I told him,” Herschmann recalled, “Are you crazy? Are you out of your fucking mind? Are you going to tell over seventy-eight million people in this country that that’s your theory and invalidate their votes?” You’re going to riot in the streets.'”

Are you out of your fucking mind? Are you going to tell more than 78 million voters that this is your theory and thus invalidate their votes? You’re going to cause riots in the streets”

Eric Herschman Trump’s Lawyer

The committee’s investigations reached a new and disturbing dimension yesterday, moreover, when it transpired that they had received certain emails between attorney Eastman and Virginia, wife of conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Eastman was clerk to this same magistrate years ago.

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Fernando Garcia

6E committee chairman Bennie Thompson announced his intention to invite Ginni Thomas to testify over the emails with Eastman. Although Thompson did not go into detail about the content of the messages, other already known communications of her with Arizona legislators and with Trump’s chief of staff, Mark Meadows, show that it was about pressing for the annulment of the elections.

New York Times revealed another email, from Eastman to a second pro-Trump lawyer, about the possibility of forcing a Supreme Court case against the results of the presidential elections. The lawyer started from the fact that within the Court there was, according to what would have come to him despite the secrecy of the deliberations, a “heated struggle” in this regard

Had Pence relented, it would have triggered a revolution and constitutional crisis unprecedented in the US since its founding.”

Michael LuttigJudge and conservative adviser to Pence

The possibility that the investigation of the assault on the Capitol uncovers a legal plot that could affect a Supreme Court judge is an added cause for concern within the serious political crisis still open as a result of the coup attempt that culminated on 6-E 2021.

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