Trump had a draft executive order to seize the voting machines after the assault on Capitol Hill

A draft of an executive order prepared for the then president donald trump and obtained on Friday by POLITICO would have authorized the Secretary of Defense to send National Guard troops to seize voting machines throughout the country, after the assault on the capitol of January 6.

Among the records that Donald Trump's lawyers tried to withhold from the congressional committee investigating what happened on January 6 are the draft of this executive order and a document titled "Observations on National Healing," which it may be the draft of a speech that Trump planned to say after the assault on the Capitol.

Together, the two documents reflect Trump's frantic final weeks in office.

The draft executive order is dated December 16, 2020, and is consistent with the proposals that the attorney Sidney Powell made the then president.

On December 18, 2020, Powell, Trump's former national security adviser Michael Flynn, the former lawyer of the Trump Administration Emily Newman, and former executive patrick byrne they met with Trump in the Oval Office.

The draft executive order appears to be among the files that the House committee investigating the attack on the Capitol on January 6 sought to obtain from the National Archives.

The executive order, which was never signed by Trump, would also have appointed a special adviser “to institute all criminal and civil proceedings, as appropriate, based on the evidence collected,” and asks the Secretary of Defense to conduct an assessment 60 days after this action began, which would have occurred after Trump was prepared to exit White House, on January 20, 2021.

The draft comments

The draft document entitled "Observations on National Healing," also now in the possession of the investigating committee on January 6, provides a first look at the remarks that Trump would deliver in a speech the day after the assault on Capitol Hill. It begins by saying:

“I would like to begin today by addressing the heinous attack that took place yesterday on the United States Capitol. Like all Americans, he was outraged and sickened by the violence, nullification, and chaos. I immediately deployed the National Guard and federal law enforcement to secure the building and drive out intruders. America is, and always must be, a nation of law and order."

Trump claims that he immediately ordered the National Guard to the Capitol and it did not. Trump's defense secretary at the time of the assault, Chris Miller, "has testified under oath that the President was never contacted at any time on January 6, and never, at any time, issued an order to deploy the National Guard." , according to POLITICO.

The committee investigating the events of January 6 disclosed in a court filing what it was seeking in Trump White House documents, including "a draft executive order on the issue of election integrity." and “a document containing presidential findings related to the security of the 2020 presidential election and ordering various actions.”

Those documents were turned over to that committee this week after the Supreme Court rejected Trump's request to block it.

The POLITICO article includes a full facsimile of the draft executive order and cites the content of the "Observations for National Healing."

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