“Trump gave the green light to the assault on Capitol Hill,” says one of his former advisers


Seventy-five minutes had passed since the siege and storming of the Capitol began, and President Donald Trump was enjoying watching on television in the White House dining room how the insurrection that he caused with his lies unfolded. Instead of paying attention to her advisers, to the legislators of her string, to the friends of Fox, to her relatives (her children Donald jr., Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner), who begged her to come out in public or as At the very least make a statement to stop that madness, Trump let go of his tweeting armed wing and called his vice president a “coward”: “Mike Pence has not had the courage to do what he should have done to protect our country and our Constitution.”

Instead of asking the insurgents to go home, he lamented that his vice president was following the law and refusing to carry out the coup. “In that tweet, he essentially gave those people the green light to enter the Capitol,” said Sarah Matthews, deputy press secretary at the time of the White House, one of the witnesses who starred in the eighth hearing of the congressional committee investigating the events. on January 6, 2021.

Matt Pottinger, a former deputy national security adviser, and Sarah Matthew, a former press deputy, are two of the former Trump White House employees who testified before the committee.

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After working with him, I have seen the impact of his words on his followers, who cling to every tweet and every word he says”

sarah matthewsDeputy White House Press Secretary under Trump

“He should have told them to leave and he should have condemned the violence. As one of the people who has worked with him, who has attended numerous rallies, I have seen the impact of his words on his followers, who cling to every tweet and every word he says, “added this adviser who resigned that same night .


Trump after the assault on Capitol Hill: “I don’t want to say that the elections are over”

Another star witness, Matthew Pottinger, deputy national security adviser, called the attack on Pence “disturbing and troubling” “for fulfilling a constitutional obligation.” The crowd chanted “hang Mike Pence.” They set up a gallows. Pottinger also resigned from the position that same day. “The tweet seemed to me the opposite of what should be done, which was to lower the tension. That message meant pouring gasoline on the fire,” he described.

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Once he pilloried his vice president, within two minutes of that tweet he called his conspiratorial attorney, Rudy Giuliani. He asked him to continue his contacts with conservative legislators so that they would hinder the confirmation of Joe Biden’s victory. At that time, after the tweet, the violence had fully broken out. In an audio that was not known until now, Pence surveillance agents communicate with each other and ensure that the vice president is in real danger. Some say they have called the family to say goodbye.

The final session for this season, held this Thursday night in prime time, described the 187 minutes, more than three hours, in which Trump turned a deaf ear to all requests for intervention, some really distressing, such as that of Republican leader Kevin McCarthy. The gathering of all these tests and testimonies, most of them from former White House advisers appointed by him, from relatives or from positions of trust, described a conduct “of supreme violation of the oath he took upon receiving the position and a complete abandonment of their duty,” as Adam Kinzinger, a Republican and committee member, summed up.

Can a president who made Trump’s decisions during the siege be trusted to hold any position of authority again in a great nation?

liz cheneyRepublican and committee vice chair

“The attackers were serving Trump’s purpose, so he didn’t intervene. He chose not to act”, he insisted, with the sole objective of perpetuating himself in power. Neither he nor he called the military, nor the Department of Justice (FBI), nor the Washington police. “There is no way to excuse his conduct, he is indefensible,” said Liz Cheney, the other Republican in the group who serves as the committee’s vice chair. The members, with their president Bennie Thompson remotely after testing positive for covid, said goodbye until September, with the ground increasingly paved to formulate a criminal case petition to the Department of Justice.

Cheney was also in charge of raising a question that the committee is trying to get the Americans to consider after weighing up all the information they have generated. “Can a president who made the decisions of Donald Trump during the siege on January 6 be given the confidence to hold any position of authority again in a great nation?” she formulated. Trump dreams of returning to the White House. He thirst for revenge.

New testimonies ratified the version of Cassidy Hutchinson, adviser to the chief of staff, Mark Meadows, who in one of the previous sessions assured that Trump tried to join the march to the Capitol, that he wanted to get hold of the flyer, although finally the security forces made him desist.

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In addition, one of the firsts of this session was the exhibition of the false shots of a video that Trump recorded on January 7 and in which he was supposed to condemn the violence, but he could not avoid declaring his love for the coup plotters and asked them to They will not forget the day before. In one of the discarded recordings, the then president still does not accept his defeat. “I don’t want to say that the elections are over, just that Congress has ratified the results, without saying that this is over, okay?” he explains.

More than two hours after the assault, he directed a couple of tweets about the crisis that he had ignited. He stayed far from criticizing the violent ones, with whom he seemed to identify. He only begged the police for respect and for them to leave. In another video of the assault, some of the insurgents comment on these messages. “He asks us to respect the police but says nothing about Congress”, an interpretation that once again suggested a green light for the assailants and not a request that they leave.

Eric Herschmann, who as a lawyer working in the White House, tried to coordinate a Pentagon action. He confessed to Pat Cipollone, the government’s legal adviser, that “Trump doesn’t want to do anything.” The recording of him asking them to go home only came when the security forces were beginning to gain control.

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US Congress documents how Trump set up the

Among the evidence collected is the exchange of messages from two advisers in which, three days after the assault, they criticize that the president had not made any allusion to the agent who died as a result of the uprising. One of those collaborators goes so far as to say that the defense of law and order that Trump made a flag of was nothing more than a facade, advertising cardboard.

Cheney stressed that the case against Trump and his role on January 6 arises from the cracks in the wall of silence that Trump imposed. The vast majority are Republicans, collaborators with his government. He insisted on defending this commission, in the face of criticism that there were no “trumpists” to do counter-examinations, a decision that Kevin McCarthy himself made in the face of the veto of some names imposed by Nancy Pelosi, president of the lower house. “Do you really think that Bill Barr is such a delicate flower that he would wilt under interrogation,” he posed. Barr held the position of attorney general and, despite being a Trump man, he is one of those who told him that they had not found any fraud and left shortly before the end.

In that statement, Cheney argued that Trump played to ignite the patriotism of his followers and on January 6 made “that love of the country become a weapon against the Capitol and the Constitution.” Everything responded to a well-drawn plan. Because, as his former adviser Steve Bannon said just days before the November 2020 elections, Trump was going to declare victory on election night even though Biden will win and “create madness.”

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