Trump Election Advisers Were Like ‘Snake Oil Salesmen,’ Says Former Pence Aide


Short reiterates that Pence’s decision on Capitol Hill was what should be done while respecting the legality of the elections

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Marc Short, former chief of staff to Mike Pince joined several high-level Republicans to defend the former vice president in his growing dispute with the former presidentDonald Trump, on the legitimacy of the 2020 elections.

Short referred to Trump advisers in the presidential election as “snake oil salesmen.”

Pence angered the former White House chief by rejecting Trump’s claim that he had the power to annul the now president’s victoryJoe Biden, by refusing to accept the results of seven battleground states.

At a press conference organized by the Federalist Society, Pence spoke out on the matter, declaring that it was “un-American” to believe that anyone had the right to elect the president.

Also, this Sunday Short and Republican senators John Barraso, Lisa Murkowski and Marco Rubio are among those who support the position of the former vice president, adding their support to the violent reaction of other members of the Republican Party who seem tired of Trump’s obsession with his electoral defeat and subversion of democracy.

“There is nothing in the 12th amendment or the Voter Count Act that would give a vice president that authority”Short said, describing aides who told Trump that Pence might send election results to states as “snake oil salesmen.”

“The vice president was very clear from day one that he did not have this authority.”

Pence as president the Senate ratified Biden as president in the early hours of January 7, 2021hours after the tycoon’s supporters and incited by himself launched an insurrection on Capitol Hill.

Short took refuge with Pence on Capitol Hill as the mob outside the building demanded a recount.added that the former vice president had no alternative but to certify Biden’s victory.

“I was following what the constitution gave the vice president… he was doing his duty, which was what was required of him, under oath to the constitution to uphold itShort said.

Unfortunately, the president had a lot of bad advisers, who were basically snake oil salesmen. that gave him really random and novel ideas about what the vice president could do. But our office looked into that and recognized that it was never an option,” he added.

In addition, the former chief of staff attacked the position of the Republican Party, materialized this week by a motion of censure ridiculed for Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, the only two Republicans on the House committee investigating the assault on Capitol Hill, that the January 6 protesters were engaging in “legitimate political speech”.

From my front row seat, I didn’t see much legitimate political speech. We were evacuated to a safe location at the bottom of the Capitol. There was an attempt to put the vice president in a motorcade, but he was clear in saying, ‘That’s not an image I want the world to see of us running away.’ We stayed there and worked to try and get the business back and get the job done that night.“.

For its part, barraso a Republican from Wyoming and a senior official on the Senate foreign affairs committee, agreed with Short’s assessment in an appearance on Fox News Sunday.

“I voted to certify the election, Mike Pence did his constitutional duty that day”Barrasso said. It’s not Congress that elects a president, it’s the American people.”

Likewise, Rubio refused to say whether he thought the assault was a political speech, however, he added that, “Anyone who committed crimes on January 6 must be prosecuted. If he went into the Capitol and committed violence and was there to hurt people, he should be prosecuted.”.

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