Trump does not rule out being the new president of the US House of Representatives

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Amid the political chaos that has engulfed House Republicans after the dismissal of speaker Kevin McCarthyan intriguing question has arisen: Does Donald Trump want to be speaker of the House? So far, the former president has not completely dismissed this idea, which has led to a frenzy of speculation and debate in political circles.

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“A lot of people have been calling me about being the speaker,” Trump said Wednesday morning outside a New York City courthouse. during the third day of the civil fraud trial of 250 million dollars against him against the attorney general of New York, Letitia James. "All I can say is that we will do what is best for the country and for the rest of the Republican Party and its people."

Can Trump be president of the US House of Representatives?

The question about Trump's possible interest in this position arose after an advisor to the former president revealed that the Republican House members had been discussing the possibility of Trump serving as acting president.. This position is not only a leadership position within Congress; He is second in line of presidential succession, just after the vice president.

Can it be? The short answer is yes. Although Trump is not a current member of Congress, The United States Constitution does not explicitly state that the Speaker of the House must be a member of the House of Representatives, leaving room for speculation about the possibility of a non-member leader.

Why do Republicans want Trump as leader?

The idea of ​​Trump as speaker of the House has divided opinions both inside and outside the Republican Party. Some consider this possibility a political pipe dream, arguing that Trump would face difficulty obtaining the 218 votes needed to win the House speakership due to the numerous legal charges he faces.

However, others believe that this idea should not be discarded completely. Trump supporters have expressed their desire to see him back in a leadership position., whether as Speaker of the House or even as President of the United States. This speculation has led to some surprising statements from Republican representatives.

For example, Ohio Representative Jim Jordan He has publicly stated that he wants to see Trump again in the White House, but if he is willing to be speaker of the HouseI would also agree with that option.

Among the possible candidates for House speaker, other than Trump, include prominent figures such as Majority Leader Steve Scalise of Louisiana, Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida, and Majority Leader Tom Emmer of Minnesota. They are all actively competing for the support of their colleagues and, ultimately, for the votes necessary to win the position.

In addition to political considerations, Trump's legal problems could also influence his decision. With two federal indictments pending against him, Trump could try to argue that his trial should be delayed if he were named speaker of the House, a position he has repeatedly pointed to as a reason for the Justice Department not to prosecute him.

The political landscape is becoming increasingly complex as potential candidates line up and court the support of their colleagues.. Uncertainty and speculation remain rife in Washington, and the question about Donald Trump's political future remains unanswered.


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