Trump blames Biden for Hamas attacks on Israel

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Former US President Donald Trump blamed Joe Biden's administration for the recent attack on Israel by the Hamas group and He questioned the humanitarian aid fund allocated to Gaza and the West Bank. Trump made these statements during a political event in Las Vegas.

Additionally, Trump placed responsibility for events in the region, including the recent deaths, on current President Joe Biden, who announced a humanitarian aid fund as part of efforts to help displaced people and address humanitarian needs in the region. , a common measure in conflict situations.

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Hamas immediately received $100 million. "They gave it to Gaza, but they will take it 100% (Hamas)," Trump said about the use of aid funds for Palestine

Since October 7, Israeli bombings in Gaza have resulted in the deaths of at least 8,000 people and the injury of another 18,000.

Other Republican primary candidates also expressed full support for Israel in its conflict with Hamas and criticized the recent prisoner exchange between the United States and Iran.

Trump stated that, if he returns to the White House in 2025, will impose sanctions and visa cancellations on Hamas and other Middle Eastern countries to provide them with support.

However, Trump did not mention the withdrawal of Mike Pence, who was his vice president during his term. Pence announced his withdrawal and his commitment to continue fighting for Republican victory in the next election.

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With Pence's departure from the race, Trump leaves behind one of his main adversaries in the Republican primaries heading into the 2024 presidential elections.

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