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Donald Trump in Georgia, in January 2021.MANDEL NGAN (AFP)

“I am an innocent man, I have done nothing wrong,” Donald Trump says in the four-minute video posted this Thursday on his social network, Truth Social, after learning that he has been charged. "And we will fight this like we have been fighting for seven years."

In that appointment, the strategy of the best-placed candidate in the Republican primary race is contained, with 49% support, well ahead of his main competitor, Ron DeSantis. Victimization in what he sees as a political witch hunt unleashed by Democrats allowed Trump to garner massive support in April, when he was first indicted by Manhattan prosecutors. Support for voting intentions, but also economic support for his campaign, after prosecutor Alvin Bragg announced the charge for the case stormy daniels (the payment of black money to the porn actress to silence an extramarital relationship). As she maintains today in the video, the corollary of innocence, that victimization of which she has made a banner, is the promise to combat a state of affairs that, she insists, has a solely political motivation. A banner of emotional engagement of voters.

The tycoon moves between victimization and the capitalization of the judicial offensive against him, but always in the band of short-termism. For analysts, it is an unknown quantity to determine if the specific momentum that his legal setbacks have provided up to now will be maintained throughout the race to the White House, and there are many who believe that the victimhood of the moment (that is, the immediate reaction , emotional) will deflate as the very crowded Republican primary progresses. Most observers also believe that the more candidates, that is, the more noise, the better for Trump, the holder of the most differentiated brand.

This Thursday the script has been repeated without variations, accompanied by the noise of the cash register of his campaign. If at the end of March he collected more than four million dollars in the first 24 hours after the decision of the New York grand jury to charge him with 34 crimes for the stormy daniels caseand three million more in the following days, today Trump has addressed potential donors, traditional or new, directly.

“We are watching our Republic DIE before our very eyes. Biden-appointed special counsel [el fiscal especial Jack Smith] I have been CHARGED in another witch hunt in connection with documents I had a RIGHT to declassify as President of the United States," Trump wrote in an email asking his supporters for money. “Please make a contribution to support me and show that YOU will NEVER hand over our country to the radical left,” the note concludes, suggesting contributions between $24 and $250. In April, of the initial four million raised, 25% came from new donors.

Trump is brilliant at making a virtue of necessity (or accusation). Any other politician with so many open fronts would have succumbed, or thrown in the towel, at the first turn of the road. But the former president thrives in adverse situations. He has apparently not even made a dent in the conviction for sexual abuse and defamation for which in May he was sentenced to pay five million dollars to his victim, the writer E Jane Carroll.

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Trump has emerged unscathed from the Stormy Daniels and Carroll cases, but what about the Mar-a-Lago papers, the first federal indictment of a president? If bedroom issues such as those that underlie the two processes mentioned have not even diminished his popularity among the most puritanical Republican base, it can be inferred that neither will a cause, such as that of the papers, in which he is facing no less than to the Justice Department and to Smith, the special prosecutor appointed by President Biden to oversee all cases filed against him. Enemies with names and surnames, all of them Democrats.

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