Trump accuses Biden of turning the United States into a “banana republic”

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Businessman Donald Trump attacked the president of the United States, Joe Biden, at the “Freedom Summit” forum in Florida, where he accused of turning that country into a “banana republic.”

Before hundreds of his followers, Trump assured that if he returns to the presidency of the United States his first task will be to address the “invasion on the southern border,” referring to the current immigration crisis.

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And Biden has no idea what to do. I do. We cut illegal immigration by more than 90 percent. And, under Biden, the United States has become the world's dumping ground with gang members, prisoners, drug cartels and terrorists entering our land," Trump said.

The former president assured that Immigrants arrive in the United States by “hundreds of thousands”even from China and countries that “fight in the Middle East.”

And they are destroying our country,” he said.

In the middle of his speech he also took the opportunity to talk about the conflict between Israel and Palestine, alluding that the direct culprit of the situations was Iran and assured that the rape, torture and murder of Israeli women, children and men at the hands of his militiamen from the Palestinian Islamist group had never occurred. would have happened under his government.

Do you know why? Because when I was president Iran was broken (...) They did not spread terror because they could not. They had no money (...) We had no terror or problems in four years," he stated.

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He ended his speech by assuring the only way to combat national “decline” is “restore America's greatness” which, he said, involves military capacity and recovering the respect lost to North Korea, China or Russia.

Donald Trump's message comes four days before the next Republican debate between the candidates of that faction for the US presidency.

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