Truckers in Canada continue protests over anticovid measures | News

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Hundreds of truckers in Canada continued their rallies this Sunday, in progress for more than a week, in protest at the establishment of mandatory vaccination against Covid-19 for carriers passing into United States territory.


They demonstrate against anticovid sanitary measures in Canada

In this sense, the congregants moved to the Canadian capital on January 15, in a group called the Freedom Convoy, which has been supported by protesters from other regions of the country, such as Toronto, Quebec and Vancouver.toronto , quebec Y vancouver .

The situation was generated after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau proclaimed as a requirement to cross the border area between Canada and the United States, the fulfillment of a two-week quarantine for truck drivers not immunized against Covid-19, as well as the use compulsory vaccination pass.

"Our city is under siege, protesters are terrorizing citizens, threatening them and preventing them from leading their lives," said Ottawa Police Services Board President Diane Deans.Ottawa , Diana Dean's .

During last Saturday the transporters placed fires in the snow in front of Parliament Hill; Before them, the police authorities needed to have strategies to protect state assets, such as hospital centers; as well as carrying out violent acts.

According to the chief of the Ottawa Police, Peter Sloly, the police forces work to guarantee citizen security and peace in the midst of the protests.

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