Truck drivers mobilize in protest towards the Paraguayan capital | News


Paraguayan truckers staged a protest this Tuesday to press for a further reduction in fuel prices, despite the fact that the Senate approved a bill the previous day that allows Petróleos Paraguayos (Petropar) to make purchases without intermediaries.


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Truckers from different parts of the country began to occupy a lane in one of the access avenues to the Paraguayan capital, although agents of the National Police tried to dissuade them and clear the capital city, which was answered by the leader of the trade union “Force Aratirí”, Darío Toñánez, who said they are negotiating to reach an agreement with the authorities.

Toñánez explained that they are requesting the approval of the bill that eliminates intermediaries in fuel purchases to lower prices and that they seek to be heard by parliamentarians.

“We believe that it is a more effective way of putting pressure on our rulers who do not pay attention to us, do not give us due attention,” he emphasized.

At another time, the trucker leader pointed out that his union is not going to give in to the promise of an exclusive discount for truckers, since they are looking for a real benefit for all citizens, not just for one sector, and they believe that with the aforementioned law it will be possible to obtain the reduction of prices for all.

In addition, he explained that some 130 joined the first demonstrations, but that there are other organizations as well.

The Chamber of Senators approved this Monday, during an extraordinary session, the bill by which any legal person from abroad dedicated to the commercialization of hydrocarbons for the provision of fuels and biofuels is exempted.

However, the Truck Drivers Federation hopes that the lower house will approve the rule that aims to lower the price of fuel.

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