Tri Femenil makes history and wins 'perfect' Gold in Pan American Games!

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The Mexican women's team beat Chile 1-0 in the final of the 2023 Pan American Games with a goal Rebecca Bernal and got the first gold medal in the history of the joust for the category; the directed by Pedro López ended with a perfect pace: 5 wins in 5 games.

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In a Elías Figueroa Stadium painted red, Mexico would seek to climb to the top of the podium against a Chile national team that He didn't have any of his goalkeepersso the striker María José Urrutia would take responsibility of the 'Andean' goal.

During the first minutes, Mexico tried to put Urrutia in trouble with medium and long distance shots, however, the South American goalkeeper would show quality to attack the ball and it would prevent the Aztecs from taking the lead on the scoreboard... until the Rayadas soccer player arrived, Rebecca Bernal.


The number '4'Mexican would be the in charge of taking a free kick charged to the left side of the Chilean goal, so hit with placement, he hung the ball from the angle and I would put pahead to Mexico in it minute 29.

With the advantage on the scoreboard, the led by Pedro López would seek to increase the damage to the locals. The most dangerous play in front of the South American goal was in stoppage time of the first half, when María Sánchez sent a cross into the area looking for Diana OrdoñezHowever, it would be María José Urrutia who would hold the ball and would avoid danger in his bow.

For the complementary part, the Aztecs did not take their foot off the acceleratorso in the minute 51a center to the 'heart of the area' by Angélica Torres would put the South Americans in predicamentssince the ball would end up in the back of the net, however, Diana Ordoñez would be out of place and the minimum distance would be maintained.

The Chile's attempts did not overcome the Mexican defense and, despite the support they received at the Elías Figueroa Stadium from their compatriotshe Tri Femenil would maintain the advantage until the endbeating the 'Andeans' twice during the Pan-American competition.

Perfect step for the Tri Femenil in the 2023 Pan American Games

With a total of 17 goals in favor and two againstthe squad led by Pedro López achieved its first Gold medal in a Pan American Games.

- Group stage / Mexico 7-0 Jamaica.

- Group stage / Mexico 3-1 Chile (they came back).

- Group stage / Mexico 4-1 Paraguay (they came back).

- Semifinal / Mexico 2-0 Argentina.

- Final / Mexico 1-0 Chile.

He podium in women's soccer of the Pan American Games 2023 was left: Gold: Mexico, Silver: Chili, Bronze: USA; 4th: Argentina (lost to the Bronze 2-0 against the USA).


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