Tri Femenil crushes Trinidad and Tobago in Qualifiers towards the Gold Cup

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A resounding victory for the Mexican Women's National Team in the second qualifying match for the W Gold Cup, Mexico defeated its counterpart from Trinidad and Tobago 6-0 at the Hidalgo Stadium.

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It took just three minutes for Tri Femenil to score the first goal of the match, a great combination between Kenti Robles and Scarlett Camberos culminated in a cross to the heart of the area which María Sánchez was able to finish off with great skill to open the scoring in favor of the Mexican team.

With little time on the clock, Mexico was already giving the impression that an even bigger win could come than that of 2018 in the last confrontation against the Trinidadians. The opponent's defensive deficiencies gave Mexico the opportunity to increase the score when goalkeeper Kimika Forbes released the ball, Greta Espinoza, attentive to the play, sent the ball into the back of the net.

Mexico left behind the uncertainty and doubts that the match against Puerto Rico sowed, a tremendous play by Charlyn Corral, with a filtered pass for Alicia Cervantes and a cross shot gave the Mexican team the third goal advantage on the scoreboard, shortly after the fourth goal arrived. This time it was Alexia Delgado with a mid-range shot, once again Forbes was complicit in the fall of his frame.

Forty-five minutes where there was only one team in the Huracán. The best player on the field, Charlyn Corral, took advantage of a rebound after a shot by María Sánchez and the veteran player celebrated Mexico's fifth goal in front of her fans.

Before the end of the first half the sixth fell, the win had been achieved against a team that never demanded a synodal of sorts from the tricolor team. The Caribbean team could not avoid the Corral-Cervantes combination in which Licha achieved his double.

Mexico started the second 45 minutes with the same seriousness. This meeting will help the national coach to evaluate the players for the next list where the members of the team that will seek to fight for a medal in the next Pan American Games will be announced.

Given the result, Pedro López decided to move his pieces, Mexico lost power up front although it gave minutes to players that needed to be evaluated on the field of play; Maricarmen Reyes and Araceli Torres. Although the modifications seem to have given freedom to the Caribbean team, who showed few arguments in the first half and managed to recover in the second, at least by avoiding increasing the score against them.

Mexico tried on more than one occasion with crosses and long-distance shots, but the seventh score did not come. The clearest opportunity was a break from Karla Nieto with a cross that Maricarmen Reyes failed to connect with, Trinidad and Tobago fell back on their lines and tried to put order in what had been a match to be forgotten. Mexico ended the activity of this international window as first place in group A with six points.


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