Tri Femenil, called the Pan American Games a 'rebound' and... they are going for Gold!

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The Mexican selection Feminine march with perfect step in the 2023 Pan American Games and will compete in the gold medal the next Friday, November 3However the Women's Tri commanded by Pedro López got his pass to the fair for the resignation of Canada.

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It was during the Group Stage of the 2022 World Cup where the soccer players - then directed by Mónica Vergara - were out of the tournament after losing in their three games (0-1 Vs Jamaica, 0-3 Vs Haiti and 0-1 Vs United States).

After the match against the 'Stars and Stripes' National Team, Mexico had lost all possibility of participating in the Pan American Games, Santiago 2023; the World Cup, would end up being conquered by the United States, while Canada came in second place.


He result obtained in the 2022 Women's World Cup granted that USA, Costa Rica, Jamaica and Canada they would get their happens both at Women's World Cup 2023 like the Pan American Games 2023, however, Canada reported economic losses and gave up his place in the Pan American Games Mexican team.

Behind the approval both of Concacaflike Panama Sports, Mexico was accredited to be part of the Pan American Games 2023 and participate from Group stage.

Mexico, with perfect pace in Pan American Games

Taking advantage of the opportunity obtained, the Tri Femenil commanded by Pedro López began his participation in Santiago 2023 in view of Jamaica in a more than perfect way, beating the Caribbean women 7-0days later, beat Chile 1-3 and closed the Group Phase against Paraguay with a 'somersault' and a rout (1-4).

Already with him ticket in hand to the Semifinals of the contest, the national squad faced Argentinawho began the Group Stage by tying goalless against Costa Ricawinning 3-0 to Bolivia and falling by a landslide (0-4) against the United States.

With 'doublet' by Lizbeth Ovalle, Mexico would prevail over the 'Albiceleste', obtaining his ticket to the final in search of the first Pan American Gold in the history of women's soccer.

For a historic participation, the Women's Tri will play this Friday, November 3 o'clock 5:00 p.m. (Mexico City Center time) for his first Gold in the history of the Pan American Games; the duel will be before the hostswho beat the United States 2-1 in the Semifinals.


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