Travis Kelce talks about his date with Taylor Swift after the Chiefs game

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Some days ago Taylor Swift caused a stir on social media after revealing that had attended the Chiefs game to support Travis Kelce, who is rumored to be meeting and if everything “looks good” both could end up dating.

Photos and videos of Taylor Swift with Travis Kelce's mother watching the game were spread through social networks. From what can be seen in the images, the famous woman had a great time and if that were not enough, After the game, she and Travis left the stadium together.

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And a few days after what happened, Travis Kelce spoke about the way Taylor Swift supported him and the stir it caused in the stadium not only with those attending the game, but also among his teammates and of course, on the Internet.

“I think it's amazing how everyone in the box has nothing but great things to say about her. The friends, the family, she looked amazing (Taylor Swift). “Everyone was talking about her and the day was perfect for Chiefs fans,” Travis Kelce said on New Heightsthe podcast he has with his brother.

Travis Kelce's brother asked him how he felt about Taylor Swift making him famous, This is as a joke, since the NFL player is highly recognized after having won two SuperBowls.

Travis also talked about the way Taylor lived with his mother and how happy the Chiefs fans were.

“Watching her high five with mom, how all the Chiefs fans were excited that she was there, was incredible. “It was definitely a game I will remember.”

Through social networks Images were shared of Taylor Swift in Travis Kelce's car when they both left a restaurant where they went to dinner with some of the player's colleagues.

And on the occasion of these photos, Travis Kelce referred to this as the Getaway Carwhich is precisely the name of a Taylor Swift song and many say it is dedicated to her ex-boyfriend Tom Hiddleston.

“In the end we just went in the 'Getaway Car'.”

In another part of the talk, the athlete pointed out that the Chiefs coach, Andy Reid made a comment about Taylor Swift's appearance at the game. In addition, he mentioned that the coach knows the singer's family.

“Coach Reid telling everyone that he is cupid, that he has been manifesting it all along. "I know he's known the Swift family before, he could be in the background of this all the time."

Finally, Travis Kelce thanked Taylor Swift for coming to see him at the game.

“Shout out to Taylor for coming out and watching me rock the field.”


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