Travis Kelce Reacts to Coach Andy Reid's Approval of Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift Supports Travis Kelce With No. 87 Bracelet

When it comes to Taylor Swift's NFL attendance, Andy Reid isn't ready to give her the sack.

In fact, the Kansas City Chiefs' head coach thinks her being there is a total touchdown because, as it turns out, when the "Anti-Hero" singer is in the stands, her boyfriend Travis Kelce helps scores more touchdowns.

During the Chiefs' recent Oct. 22 game against the Los Angeles Chargers, CBS reviewed some of Travis Kelce's stats from the four games she's been present for versus those when she's absent, and the results speak for themselves. Per the network's review, the tight end averages 99 yards when Taylor is in the stadium, and only 46.5 when she's not.

"Not only is social media noticing it," Jason Kelce said of his younger brother's improved performance during the Oct. 25 episode of their New Heights podcast, "but it appears that Big Red is noticing it."

To which Travis chimed in, with a laugh, "I love Coach Reid man, what a guy," prompting Jason to continue, "In his post-game press conference, he was asked about your big game and his response was, 'Kelce keeps getting better with time, Taylor can stay around all she wants."

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