Transporters disrupt roads in CDMX and confront police

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Since 9:00 a.m., transporters have been protesting because they accuse that the authorities of the Ministry of Mobility (Semovi) are excluding them from the leadership of the operating companies of the new Zonal Services and are giving preference to the business group led by Jesús Padilla, which they have called the “transporter cartel.”

The minibuses marched through Eje 3 Oriente from Calzada las Bombas towards the north. They block Calzada de Tlalpan at the General Anaya Metro to the south. and they block Ignacio Zaragoza Causeway at Calle 7 towards the Center of Mexico City.

Semovi reported that the demonstration is led by a minority group from Route 84 that is against the formation of the “Autobuses Barrios Culhuacán SA de CV” zone corridor.

“This difference is between the majority of dealers already established as a company and those who have not yet joined; The dispute lies in the fact that the latter were not elected by the majority to preside over the administrative council,” Semovi said in an information sheet.

The agency indicated that the modernization of transportation is a priority and categorically denied that there are irregularities in the process.

“This has been carried out in a transparent manner with all the concessionaires interested in offering a quality service, away from particular interests that do not benefit the users,” he indicated.

Semovi reported that transporters from the State of Mexico participate in the blockade on Calzada Ignacio Zaragoza and have no interference with the creation of the disputed corridor.

Attempt to fight with the police

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Given the effects on main roads due to the blockades, an operation was implemented by the SSC CDMX to remove vehicles with cranes by the Transit elements, which caused an attempt at confrontation between protesters and elements on the Ignacio Zaragoza road. anti riot

The march that took place on the axis 3 Oriente Cafetales and that moved to the Calzada de la Virgen was encapsulated by metropolitan police, avoiding further damage, as was the contingent that obstructed the road of the Calzada de Tlalpan at the height of General Anaya .


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