Transferring symbolic remains of a Venezuelan hero to the National Pantheon | News


The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, led this Thursday the act carried out to receive the symbolic remains of General-in-Chief Manuel Piar, which were transferred to the National Pantheon.


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“Going over lies and manipulation, we promised to vindicate the figure of General-in-Chief Manuel Piar and here he is in the National Pantheon,” stressed the head of state.

The act was held in commemoration of the 248th birthday of the hero, who accompanied the Liberator Simón Bolívar in the first Expedition of Los Cayos, at the end of 1815, in addition to participating in the battle of San Félix, contributing to the independence struggle.

“The National Constituent Assembly, which emerged as an idea in the San Félix field, brought peace, harmony and dialogue harmony to Venezuelans in a miraculous, fortunate, accurate way,” the president recalled.

During the act, it was highlighted that Piar had military experience and a penchant for freedom that made him put himself at the service of the independence struggle, after the events of April 19, 1810.

Likewise, he specified “if today we can claim in the name of Piar any message that we give to the new generations, it is the call for the national union of all Venezuelans.”

In this sense, the Executive urged to make an educational effort to interpret and praise the history of the heroes and heroines of the Bolivarian nation.

“He managed to build a popular army to fight for independence with equality, with justice. It was the class struggle, between the exploited and poor classes discriminated against because of their skin color and the economically powerful classes,” recalled the president.

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