Trans woman who impregnated two companions in the women’s prison denounces aggressions in the men’s prison


The transgender woman is shocked about the fact that she will be a father after impregnating two fellow prisoners.

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After she impregnated two of her companions in a women’s prison in New Jerseya 27-year-old trans woman was transferred to a men’s prison.

the woman of name demi minorwho is serving a 30-year sentence for involuntary manslaughter of her adoptive father when she was 16 years old, has disclosed that she is being harassed by the inmates of the place where she is currently being held.

Through the website, a juvenile justice and LGBTQ rights organization that was founded by Demi herself, the transgender woman announced that she is on suicide alert due to the mistreatment she has been subjected to by part of his companions and guards.

“I have come under attack from young prisoners, who are immature and ignorant towards me. I’ve been feeling so stressed lately that I’ve found myself trying to hide how I feel. I found out that I was going to be a father and that my partner was pregnant. More than scared she was confused. The fact of having taken hormones did not make me think that a pregnancy was possible. How can I continue to hide my feelings? ”, She externalized.

“People often forget how inclusive my trans identity is. I’m not going to live by anyone’s label. It’s just me, a woman who is not only transgenderbut also part of a community that is colorful and often cannot fit into the labels of societies,” he added.

The Department of Corrections told that it is investigating what happened, as there is zero tolerance for this type of abuse.

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