Trans woman gets angry at TikTok's AI because it detects her as a man

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In TikTok a young transsexual shared her desperate attempts to see what it would look like if it were a anime characterbut I didn't count on the artificial intelligence (AI) of the popular social network would act in a way unexpected for her.

In it short video you can see how he makes a first attemptposes for the photograph with her long hair and outlined features, bringing her right hand to her head waiting for the technology to do its job, but for your bad luckthe AI ​​detects it as man and this was its result.

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The guy who thinks he's a woman is angry because the technology (AI) knows he's not a woman.

original sound - Any woman

Confused and upset she says "No way!", because he didn't like the result and decided to do a second try, for which it was accommodated hair on the side hoping this makes a difference. Again, the filter gives a masculine result, with factions very marked of a man with long hair.

In a last and desperate attempt, The TikTok user poses again, but now slightly profile making a subtle "duck face", tilting his head and with his hair up, but once again, artificial intelligence was not on his side and this It makes her explode with anger. He is literally left with his mouth open at what just happened and speechless for obtaining the same result in three different situations.

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Users criticize trans woman using TikTok AI

The video beyond generating negative comments caused many laughter among users because of the young woman's authentic reaction when she saw the results and that they always came out the same, since it is common on TikTok for the filters to not work as one expects, since there are several clips of people testing filters that either because of their features or attire detects them as very different.

It happened a lot when it became fashionable barbie filter because of the premiere of the film and that many people used it, but due to its configuration, many people saw oriental characters, which was due to a filter failure and they failed in their attempt to look like someone from the world of Barbie.

@miss.niraa #barbiefilter #fail #barbiefilterfail original sound - Nira

Among the most repeated comments on the video of the young trans woman can be read: "He is a handsome man, yes, will never be a woman", "You are a handsome man, it is biological" and "He forgot to put in setting to put it as a woman." Likewise, another user said that he has the look of the rockers of the 1980swho sported long hair and that did not necessarily make them women.


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