Train derailment leaves one dead and eight injured in China | News


A high-speed train derailed in a landslide in southwest China’s Guizhou province on Saturday, killing a driver and injuring an attendant and seven passengers on board, the China Railway Chengdu Group reported.


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Two cars of the train D2809, which was traveling from Guiyang to Guangzhou, went off the tracks, which had been affected by mudslides and landslides, when the convoy was about to reach the Rongjiang station, the company said.

China Railway added that the injured people, a train attendant and seven passengers, have received medical treatment at a local hospital and the other 136 passengers have been evacuated. The causes of the accident are being investigated.

The railway department has begun to clean up debris from the landslide at the scene.

The driver detected an abnormal situation on the track and then slammed on the brakes within five seconds, China Railway said.

All of the injured suffered non-life-threatening injuries and have been hospitalized.

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