Trailer rams a group of pilgrims on the highway in Mexico and kills three

Authorities are investigating the causes of the accident, while the driver of the unit was arrested.

Photo: PATRICK T. FALLON/AFP/Getty Images

A group of pilgrims who left Zitácuaro, Michoacán and intended to visit the Virgin of San Juan de los Lagos in Jalisco, in the central region of Mexico, lived a real nightmare when a trailer hit them.

Due to the severity of the accident, three people who were walking on the Celaya-Salamanca highway at the height of the municipality of Villagrán, Guanajuato, lost their lives instantly being run over by the heavy unit.

Although the deceased were protected by companions who were transported in two vans, they were not able to cover the victims of the strong impact that also hit the units.

While, elements of the National Guard detained the driver of the trailer, who stopped a meter ahead of the accident.

According to the first versions, the pilgrims belonged to the religious group of the fourth block of San Francisco del Rincónof the Parish of San Mateo.

Second tragedy in 2022

It seems that the route to San Juan de los Lagos became a high-risk road, since so far this year is the second fatal accident that occurs.

Just in January 12 pilgrims died in the overturning of a truck that was heading to the Sanctuary of the Virgin of San Juan de los Lagos, in Jalisco.

The accident occurred at kilometer 35 of the León – Aguascalientes Highway, at the height of the municipality of Lagos de Moreno.

On that occasion, those affected were from Toluca. Information from the Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences refers that, of the deceased, five of which were located outside the vehicle and the rest inside it.

It should be noted that the Government of Jalisco suspended in 2021 the patron saint festivities of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of San Juan de los Lagosso this year, dozens of faithful get ready to make the popular visit.

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