Toyota will convert gasoline cars to electric

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With the aim of accelerating the global movement towards sustainable vehicles, the automaker Toyota is proposing a fantastic idea: simply replace the internal machinery of current vehicles that already circulate on the streets with cleaner technology, such as electric motors.

"I don't want to forget about any person who loves the cars they currently drive," CEO Akio Toyoda said during an appearance on stage at the Tokyo Auto Salon on Friday.

The company introduced electric and hydrogen versions of older models, such as the Corolla, at the event.

The message is clear: Toyota Motor Corp. wants the world to know that it hasn't fallen behind on electric vehicles, as some detractors have suggested.

Japan's leading global automobile company, which also owns the luxury brand Lexus and the hybrid Prius, is highlighting its influence: It has the technology, engineering, financial reserves and experience to stay as a major competitor in green vehicles.

Toyoda told reporters at a news conference that it would take a long time for all new vehicles to be zero-emissions, as they only account for a fraction of all cars sold. Changing old vehicles to become sustainable is a better option, he said, as he presented one of the old Toyota Corolla models turned into a brand new electric car.

Pricing hasn't been announced, but it's considered to be more affordable than current ad hoc EVs.

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