Toyota Announces Fixes for Electric Car Faults

Japan’s top automaker Toyota announced Thursday that it has identified a way to repair its 2023 model-year bZ4X crossover electric vehicles after recalling 2,700 of them in June over fears that wheel bolts would loosen, resulting in risk of an accident.

The solution will allow Toyota Motor Corp. to resume making and selling electric vehicles, a key model in the company’s efforts to strengthen that line of cars. Toyota officials said they hope the fix will help restore the company’s reputation for quality.

The maker of the Prius sedan and Lexus luxury models has achieved great success with its hybrids and fuel cells, but has sometimes been seen as a laggard when it comes to electric vehicles. The “bZ” in the model series name, which stands for “beyond zero”, alludes to the fact that it is an emission-free vehicle.

Toyota said the new bolt parts needed to solve the problem with the bZ4X will be available to customers worldwide in November. The company said the bolts and wheels on all recalled vehicles will be replaced at no cost to customers.

No accidents have been reported as a result of the failure, according to a statement from Japan’s Ministry of Transportation.

Toyota also announced a fix for a curtain airbag strap on the same recalled vehicles. The faulty strap could injure the driver when the air bag deploys, the manufacturer said.