Toy Story joins NFL in animated game broadcast

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He NFL Toy Story Funday Football will be the first live broadcast from his class to replicate in animation simultaneously and live, play by play Sunday's clash between Atlanta Falcons and Jacksonville Jaguarswhich will be played this Sunday o'clock at 07:30 in the morning at the Wembley Stadium, London…and in Andy's room, in the universe of toy story.

This alternative transmission will have a real-time recreation of Andy's roomone of the most recognizable settings from the iconic Pixar film released in 1995, and with animated models of players of both teams, which will be able to live emulate all the actions that happen on the pitch in real life, while interacting with Buzz Lightyear, Woody and other characters from the iconic franchise.

Using the NFL's Next Generation Statistics, and thanks to the league's track record of on-field information, the action of American football will be transport yourself to an alternative world for the first timeloaded with colors and objects reminiscent to a child's room seen from the perspective of a toy.

Although the animated broadcast will have a brief but expected delay to the usual broadcast, the NFL will be able to recreate the game in play-by-play animation in less than 30 seconds after an action occurs, a new milestone in the transmission of sporting events.

In addition, the field, scoreboards, graphics, celebrations after scoring and even the penalties given by the referees will be rendered in the style of the Oscar-winning saga.

Even the halftime show will be unique to this match with the character Duke Caboom, featured in toy story 4 and who receives his voice from the famous actor Keanu Reevesmaking a 'spectacular' jump on his motorcycle.

This innovative technological advancement will be possible thanks to the joint efforts between ESPN's Edge Innovation Center, Disney, NFL, Pixar, Next Gen Stats, Beyond Sports and Silver Spoon.

In Mexico The match will be available live on ESPN and the mobile application Star Plus starting at 07:30 in the morning.

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