Tourists from Tamaulipas and SLP stranded in Israel ask for help to return to Mexico

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Eight mexican touristsfour of Tamaulipas and the rest of San Luis Potosithey ask for help to return to Mexico after being stranded in Israel because the National Security Council declared a State of War due to the attacks carried out by the Palestinian group. Hamas.

The Mexicans were on tour when the attacks occurred and They had to see in the sky how the Israeli government's missiles collided with the enemy rockets to avoid further harm.

We saw in the sky how the iron dome shot down four to six missiles at a time,” said Yolanda YunĂ©n Enriquez, one of the Mexicans who is in the Middle Eastern country.

He said that before they saw the missiles they heard the war alarm, but thought it was something else.

We were on the street, we were just arriving in ancient Jerusalem when we began to hear the missile alarm, but the stay (guide) didn't want to scare us, so we didn't know that the attacks had started an hour before," he recalled. .

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Yolanda, her mother and the rest of their friends left Tampico on Friday, September 29 and according to the explanation she gave, they had Mexico City as a stopover, where they joined the rest of the tourists.

We stayed for a day, from there we went to the airport, we stopped in Monterrey and from there to Madrid, from Madrid to Tel Aviv,” he explained.

The stranded Mexicans are Eugenia Noemí Rodríguez Cobarruvias, Genoveba Álvarez de Rodríguez, Martha Elba Badillo Hernåndez and Yolanda Yunén Enriquez Badillo, all of them from the municipality of Tampico in Tamaulipas; while from the state of San Luis Potosí is the family formed by Jaqueline Gonzålez Gonzålez, Carlos Gonzålez, Rocio Elena Rodríguez Gonzålez, Cristina Edith Rodríguez Gonzålez.

Although they do not clarify it well, the group of Mexicans implied that the company that took them was not responsible for resolving their departure even though US and Canadian airlines are doing so with their compatriots.

He said that through their own efforts they obtained eight tickets that In the next few hours I could take them to Cyprus, but the fear is that more companies are canceling flights.

Yolanda Yunén Enríquez expressed that she would like to have a clear response from the Mexican government.

We would love to hear a strong response from the government, that although we have tickets for a flight for now, there is no guarantee that that flight can be canceled. Here things change from one moment to the next and we would like them (government) to have an answer in case we cannot get out on our own. Rest assured that somehow we will get out of here,” he said.

And he warned: “we are not the only Mexicans in the country who are waiting for a response.”

His feeling towards Israel is not negative, as he assured that they were treated very well during their stay even though upon arriving in Tel Aviv they were waiting for three hours.

It is one of the safest cities in the world due to day and night surveillance. My mother touched us, they had us for three hours of the group that we traveled and they made us so that in the end they only apologized to us,” she concluded.

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