Tour de France 2023: Rodríguez wins in Morzine; Vingegaard retains yellow

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The Spanish carlos rodriguez won this Saturday in the fourteenth stage of the Tour de France 2023ending at the alpine resort of Morzine, and placed third overall, led by the Danish Jonas Vingegaard with 10 seconds of rent on the Slovenian Tadej Pogacar.

The Spanish cyclist gave the Ineos his second consecutive victory, after that of the Pole Michal Kwiatkwoski the day before at the Grand Colombier, and by a second he unseated the Australian Jai Hindley from the podium.

Rodríguez, 22, fell behind the top two overall on the climb to Joux Plane, the last port of the day, which he finished 17 seconds behind, but linked up on the descent and immediately attacked the two favourites, who distanced by 5 seconds at the finish line, to sign the third Spanish victory in this Tour, after those of Pello Bilbao and Ion Izaguirre.

Hindley, who also stayed on the climb to Joux Plane, entered the finish line 1.46 seconds behind, to which must be added the ten bonus seconds for the Spanish victory and another two at the top of the last climb, so that takes a second in the general.

In the fight for yellow, pogacar He attacked 5 kilometers from the top of the Joux Plane, but never managed to gain more than 6 seconds, until the Dane caught him with two kilometers to go and tried again with a few meters to go, but was prevented by a motorcycle. In the end, it was the Dane who distanced him at the top, which gave him 8 bonus seconds, to the 5 of the Slovenian.

In the descent he also tried to put pressure on him, but the Dane stuck to his wheel and did not let him until the final sprint, when he managed to distance him.

At the end of a tough day, with three first-class climbs and a special and with the teams of the two favorites working hard, the Dane managed to get another second ahead.

(With information from EFE)

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