Tour de France 2023: Pello Bilbao ends with a Spanish drought in the Grande Boucle | Video

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One hundred stages after the last Spanish victory in the Tour de Franceachieved in 2018 by omar friar in Mende, the Biscayan bilbao hair (Bahrain Victorious) ended the drought with a thrilling win in the tenth stage disputed between Vulcania and Issoire, 167.2 kmin which the Dane kept the yellow jersey Jonas Vingegaard (Jumbo Visma).

Bilbao (Gernika, 33 years old), he was the fastest among the five riders who played for the victory in Issoire, “The Tuscany of Auvergne”. In a thrilling finale, the Basque cyclist premiered his record in the Tour winning the game to the sprint to the german George Zimmerman (Intermarché) and the Australian Ben O'Connor (Bg2r).

Something more than a victory for Bilbaowho a few days ago called for "another way of racing in the team to try to win", a triumph of author immediately dedicated to his Swiss teammate Gino Wooder, who recently lost his life in the Tour of Switzerland.

Coat, after 99 stages without Spanish triumph in the Tourput his name in the history of the "Great Boucle". He took the baton from his countryman Omar Friar, also Biscayan, the hero of an afternoon in Mende in 2018.

Very hectic day from start to finish, even for the favourites, although all the candidates safely at the finish line. Vingegaard safeguarded the yellow jersey. they follow him pogacar to 17 seconds, Jai Hindley at 2.40, carlos rodriguez at 4.22 and the great bilbao hair fifth at 4.35. Now two Spaniards in the top 5. Tour things.

Explosive start in Vulcanianext to the European theme park of volcanism, in the heart of the chain of 80 “puys” that make this Auvergne region unique. stage for adventure wavy profile, with 5 ports, not a flat kilometer, very hot, a classic.

It was formed right away with a squad that came out with the knife between their teeth. Climbing the Col de la Moreno (3rd category) 20 joined in the lead, and at the top they joined Vingegaard and Pogacar, in mutual marking. Maneuver that forced Ineos to put on his work overalls at the head of the squad, since Carlos Rodriguez was not in the project.

Total disorder, everyone wanted to disturb the order, as if the forces were left over after the day of rest. Climbing the Col de Guéry (3rd) Vingegaard and Pogacar lowered their guard, leaving the leading role to the adventurers who wanted to play their options with more than 140 km to go, braving high temperatures that marked the day.

After a thousand attempts, an interesting breakout was formed on the climb to Croix Saint-Robert (2nd), with 14 men, including Pello Bilbao, Antonio Pedrero, Alaphilippe, Barguil and Chaves.

The peloton opened the green light, the favorites to ride with the breakaway at 2.20 minutes with 51 km to go, income reduced due to the momentum in the head of Van der Poel, thinking about the poker of victories to the sprint of Philipsen.

Constantly going up and down and in search of the Saint-Victor-la-Rivière Height (3rd) precisely van der poel and his close cyclocross enemy, Wout Van Aert, They left the platoon in search of the advance party, but both gave up when they saw that they did not reach the front car.

In front the most ambitious was the Latvian from Israel Krits Neilands, the first to crown, alone, the last difficulty of the day, the Cote de La Chapelle-Marcousse (3rd), through which the group of Bilbao, Chaves, O'Connor and Zimmermann at 38 seconds and the peloton at 3.30, admitting that victory was ahead.

For Ineos a headache, because bilbao hair3.15 behind fourth place, was a threat to Carlos Rodríguez. The Andalusian cyclist's team raised their foot, leaving control of the peloton of the favorites in the hands of the Jumbo, with no options in the stage and with the sole purpose of turning the page with Vingegaard.

“The time of your life, Krits!!”they yelled at neilands from the director's car. Agonizing effort for the Latvianbrilliant all day, but the Tour does not forgive, nor the rivals. Nothing is given here. 3.2 km from the finish line He was caught up by the chasing quartet, with Bilbao and Pedrero.

The fight without quarter began, the jumps by surprise, each one launching his ordeal. O'Connor attacked at 1.7, but they caught him Pello Bilbao and Zimmermann. The three relax, mark each other, and another 3 arrive to sniff out the victory.

Zimmerman he was the first to burn his ships within 250 meters of the banner. Pello did not allow it to come unstuckhe advanced it and He raised his arms, exultant, with a time of 3h.52.34, at a average of 43.1 km/hour.

His great triumph, which can unite 2 in the Giro, up to a total of 16. Gino Mader received a nice gift from his Spanish friend. And also, very symbolic. Indeed, "we had to run in another way."

This Wednesday the eleventh stage between Clermont Ferrand and Moulins, 179.8 km long, offers an opportunity for sprintersone of the last before the mountain takes the floor. On the way three small heights of 4a.

(With information from EFE)

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