Touch screen or buttons?: which infotainment system is better

Technology has been advancing at an impressive rate for several years. As a result, the automotive market has been strongly affected in a positive way by the constant innovations that are presented on the table.

Whether at the level of driving, mechanical, technological or entertainment, these advances have allowed the various manufacturers in the sector to maximize the driving experience and improve it to make it increasingly safe and enjoyable.

Justly, one of the elements that make driving a more enjoyable activity are the infotainment systemswhich have been improved and optimized, providing great benefits technologically speaking.

In the past they were handled with buttons until technology knocked on the door of this section to digitize everything through touch screens. However, despite this there are certain people who still prefer the “old school”, that is, buttons.

Touch screen or buttons?: various theories

Whatever kind of structure is used to drive them, the truth is that infotainment systems tend to distract drivers a bit.

Given this, those who use touch screens take great advantage to reduce these distractions, since its practical use with the finger and touch sensitivity allows the driver to apply the commands they want more quickly, accurately and accurately.

However, not everyone thinks so. A study carried out by the Swedish car magazine I saw Bilagare states that the The safest way to use the infotainment system is through buttons.

They claim that many vehicles have systems that are complicated to learn to drive. While a single touch of the finger is quick, the menus can become tangled, and therefore more distracting to the driver.

At the end of the day, the buttons may not be as bad as we might think. While the touch screen makes interaction between the system and the driver quicker, it is true that some functions can be difficult for some people to discover.

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