Torrential rains leave “historic” flooding in the Northeast US.

The floods caused the evacuation of dozens of people. Stock image.

Photo: Leonardo Lozada/AFP/Getty Images

More than a hundred people in the state of Vermont, northeastern United States, were evacuated this Tuesday (07.11.2023) by the “historic” floods that caused the torrential rains of the last hours.

The relief services transferred the affected inhabitants with the help of inflatable boats and kayaks, according to images from the US press, particularly in the capital, Montpelier, where the city center, totally flooded, remained closed until noon on Tuesday.

Images released by the state police showed flooded roads.

"The devastation and flooding we are experiencing is historic and catastrophic," Governor Phil Scott lamented at a press conference. The flooding, according to the official, "exceeded the levels of Tropical Storm Irene," which killed six people in 2011.

The good news is that the rain has stopped in some regionsbut this does not mean that the water is going to withdraw immediately," said Scott, who announced "new precipitation later in the week, which will not be able to go anywhere in saturated soil," he warned.

US President Joe Biden declared a state of emergency in Vermont on Tuesday, allowing federal aid to be released.

"Aggravation of damage"

In a Facebook post, Montpelier authorities warned that a nearby dam was nearing capacity and about to spill into the North Branch River, causing "aggravation of the damage."

Torrential rain of up to 200mm in some places, according to the National Weather Servicefell between Sunday and Monday across the northeast United States, particularly in the New York region, where a person was killed trying to leave his home due to floodwaters.

The governor of the state of New York, Kathy Hochul, urged the population to "mobilize to fight the devastation of climate change" that "continues to hit again and again."

In Canada, more than 600 people were evacuated in Quebecafter heavy rains in the region.

In 48 hours, 137 mm of water fell, especially in the Montmorency forest, near Quebec City, in historic rainfall that caused sudden rises in river levels, according to authorities.

Scientists say climate change intensifies the risk of torrential rains because a warmer atmosphere holds more water.

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