Topics of the EFE Economy day for Sunday, October 22, 2023

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Madrid - The main Spanish banks will continue publishing this week the results obtained until September of this year, encouraged by the rise in interest rates, which will lead the sector to break new records, with a joint profit of more than 19,000 million, according to the estimates.




Madrid - The appetite of Latin American fortunes for Spain, with Madrid at the center of the target, has not stopped growing in recent years, turning the capital, as some already say, into the "European Miami." After Venezuelans and Mexicans, who have been very active in recent years, now it is the turn of Argentines, Chileans or Colombians.




Madrid - Traditional media in Spain will bill 5,804 million euros in 2023, almost 2% less than in 2022 and 10.6% lower than before the coronavirus pandemic, affected by the fall in advertising -especially in television - and the rise of digital platforms.

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Barcelona - After almost two years of unemployment, former Nissan workers place their hopes in the Chinese group Chery, which is studying whether to assemble its electric vehicles in Barcelona, ​​given the doubts generated by the projects chosen by the administrations to guarantee reindustrialization.

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Madrid - The president of Hospitality of Spain, José Luis Yzuel, defends in an interview with Efe this sector, which "is not a banana republic, it is regulated and has inspections" to detect embarrassing situations in hiring.

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12:00h.- San Sebastián.- TOURISM SAN SEBASTIÁN.- Demonstration to protest the "touristification" of San Sebastián called by the Bizilagunekin platform. Alderdi Eder



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