Toño Mauri is infected with Covid-19 again

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Mexico.-In July 2020, Toño Mauri was diagnosed with Covid-19, a disease that put his life at risk and which surprised him again despite the fact that he was given four anticovid doses.

This was announced by the actor Toño Mauri, 58 years old: “Again covid”, he wrote on his Instagram account along with a photograph of himself with a mask and lying on a bed.

“Please don't let your guard down. Do not be overconfident ”, Toño Mauri begged his fans to whom he explained that he had been infected with coronavirus despite the fact that he has four vaccines and reinforcements.

However, he said he is not worried since he has people who take care of him: “Thank God that he does not let go of me and is with me at all times. To my doctors, my family and friends who are looking out for me all the time,” he quotes.

So celebrities like Yuri, Alejandro Nones, Paul Stanley and Yordi Rosado wish him a speedy recovery, as do his followers.

“Everything is going to be fine”, “You are a great brother, with everything”, “Take care of yourself”, “Cheer up”, “Prompt recovery”, “Strength champion”, “Blessings”, “Everything is going to be fine, our prayers they are with you”, “God will bring you forward again”, is read between comments.

Tony Mauri


In December 2020, Toño Mauri underwent a complicated surgery after being hospitalized for eight months for Covid-19; he received a double lung transplant.

So in February of this year, Toño Mauri received the fourth dose of the vaccine against Covid-19. At that time, the actor explained that his defenses were low due to immunosuppressants.

Which is why he risked ending up in bed when he gets the flu or gets sick to his stomach.

He even said, along with his entire family, trembling with fear just hearing the word Covid, because he will never forget that this disease almost ended his life.

However, he himself went through another scare last June when he had to undergo emergency surgery for a bowel obstruction, which makes it clear that he is a very strong man.

By Yazmin Medina


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