Tomb of founding emperor of the Northern Zhou dynasty found in China

Tomb of founding emperor of the Northern Zhou dynasty found
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Beijing, Sep 19 (EFE).- Archaeologists from the province of Shaanxi, in central China, have discovered the tomb of the founding emperor of the Northern Zhou dynasty (557-581), Yuwen Jue, in the city of Xianyang, local media reported today.

The discovery is located in the Weicheng district, an area with a high concentration of tombs of high-level officials from the 5th and 6th centuries, reports the official Xinhua agency.

The burial site, facing south and with a length of 56 meters, is 10 meters below the surface of the current land.

The tomb was looted at some point, and archaeologists have so far unearthed 146 funerary objects, mainly ceramic figurines.

Archaeologists have determined that the tomb was built for Emperor Yuwen Jue (542-557) based on the inscription found on the east side of the tomb entrance.

At the age of 15, the emperor ascended the throne, beginning the Northern Zhou dynasty.

However, just a few months into his reign, the monarch wanted to get rid of his older cousin Yuwen Hu, who had acted as his guardian.

Yuwen Hu discovered the plot and ended the short reign of Yuwen Jue, whom he had executed shortly afterwards.

The discovery of the tomb is of "great importance" for historical research on the emperors of the Northern Zhou Dynasty, said academy researcher Zhao Zhanrui, quoted by Xinhua. EFE


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