Tom Brady claims to feel embarrassed by his slip in Munich: "Shame and shame on that play, I won't forget it"

Tom Brady of the Buccaneers, after the game in Munich.

Photo: Christian Bruna / EFE

Tom Brady, current quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, confessed this Tuesday that he will not forget the shame he felt for the slip he suffered in a play of the duel last Sunday at the Allianz Arena in Munichas reported by the EFE Agency.

Shame and shame on that play, I won't forget it. I haven't had many receptions in my career, so I thought it would be pretty cool to have one in Germany," said the man considered by many experts as the best quarterback in NFL history.

Tom Brady Slip

The events occurred in the middle of the third quarter of the game of week 10 in which the Bucs beat the Seattle Seahawks 21-16. It was there when the Buccaneers wanted to surprise with a play in which Leonard Fournette was placed as a passer and the legendary Tom Brady as a receiver on the left side.

Fournette made a run trick and when Seattle's defense moved to block him he decided to throw into the path of Brady, who slid helplessly to catch the intercepted pass.

Tom Brady's words

What happened was that when the ball was in the air I obviously knew I wasn't going to catch it and I tried to push myself to at least get in the way of the defender, but I slipped and then fell on my face.“Lamented Tom Brady in statements that were reviewed by EFE.

Despite the embarrassment, the Buccaneers' 21-16 victory over the Seahawks is the second consecutive for the team and it is enough to regain the top of the South division of the National Conference. The team where Tom Brady plays has five wins and five losses. Undoubtedly an important victory that helps the team to regain confidence.

We're in a better place than we were two weeks ago, we found a way to beat the Rams and then in Germany we beat Seattle and got the division back; that was a great achievement for us in a year that has been challenging“Said the historic player who won seven championship rings.

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