Toluca opens new coach and triumphs over Atlético de San Luis

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The Diablos Rojos de Toluca new coach and won 3-1 against Atlético de San Luis this Sunday at Nemesio Diez stadiumin party of the matchday 14 of Apertura 2023. With what the locals They have already won four of five gamesin which they have been local against the Potosinos, while the latter have lost four of their last five games in Liga MX.

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In the first 10 minutes of the game, Edgar López had three approaches to the danger goal, which he could not completebut they showed that from the start of the game those led this day by Carlos María Morales Maeso, on an interim basisthey began to press to try to get ahead on the scoreboard.

However, The goal did not take long to arrive after Toluca's insistence, at 17' Abraham Villegaswho came out for the first time as a starter, scored his first goal in the first division, who finished in the area after a cross from the right by Jean Menesesto put the score at 1-0.

At 29', San Luis had the first dangerous play and the most important so far, Ricardo Chávez crossed into the area from the rightbut neither Vitinhoneither John Murillo They shot on goal, even though they were in an optimal position to do so.

Before going to break, already in added time, Atlético de San Luis was left with 10 players because the central whistler, César Arturo Ramosshowed him his second yellow card to Rodrigo Dourado and he was expelled.

Although, for the first minutes of the second half, Atlético de San Luis had planted itself well on the field and seemed like it could tie the score despite having one lessThe Devils scored 2-0. Jesús 'Canelo' Angulo was in charge of increasing the advantageafter a delayed ball from Isaiah Violantewho came in as a replacement.

In the final stretch of the game, The Potosinos found the added goal on the scoreboard, making it 2-1. Ángel Zaldívar took advantage of goalkeeper Tiago Volpi's reboundafter a shot from outside the area, to send the ball into the back of the net.

Already in added time, Valber Huerta sent a center to Jesús Angulowho He sent the ball to the back of the net, to score his second goal of the afternoon and the final 3-1, so that the Devils reached their fifth victory of the tournament. With this result, Toluca is momentarily located in the direct league qualification zone.


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